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We are planning several litters in 2015 - watch this space for more news...

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If you are interested in homing one of our beautiful Lestvitsa Siberians Kittens, want to arrange an allergy sitting or just want to learn more about this great breed feel free to:


Phone: 02380 899433

Mobile: 07710 414 768

Siberian Kitten News

I hope to have several litters of Siberian kittens in 2013.

All my kittens are born and reared in our cottage, they spend their early weeks upstairs in a bedroom, start playing on the landing and stairs at about 6 weeks of age and come downstairs to live in the kitchen at 9 weeks to experience day to day sounds, other cats, a dog and playing with my grandchildren.

Belle's Kittens 2009

Belle's Kittens 2009

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I only sell my kittens as pets to permanent, loving homes. I prefer the kitten to live in the house and only go outside to a safe garden, under supervision or on a harness and lead. I am prepared to discuss my reasons with any kitten enquiry.

Lestvitsa kittens leave Forest Lodge after the age of 13 weeks. They are fully vaccinated and have been wormed twice. They have had two health checks by a vet, they have 4 weeks insurance, are registered with the GCCF,and have a copy of a 4 generation pedigree. They go to their new homes with a diet sheet, a weeks supply of dried food and the cat litter they use. They are also treated with a flea prevention on leaving Forest Lodge. I suggest the kitten is introduced to their new vet to be micro-chipped and advise on neutering, within a few days of going to their new home.

I am always at the end of the phone if you have any problems or queries.

Mishka from Anya's Litter A

Mishka from Anya's Litter A

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We like to keep in contact with our kittens and their owners. The above Gallery contains pictures that have been sent back to us of some of our Lestvitsa babies after they have sttled into thier new homes.